For more than 25 years, International Sports & Nutrition brands have chosen HHD to improve their Operational Performance, Distribution Network and Sales in Indian Market.

The Benefit



Everything you need from Product Registration to Product Launch

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Manage & Promote distribution of your products in different cities through a developed channel of 800+ sub distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

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Manage retailer accounts for your products. Push sales against
competing brands. Increase sales and
demand of products.

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Push products in low demanding cities. Hold marketing campaigns to educate
consumers. Increase brand recognition
across all cities.

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Why Human Health Distribution?

Human Health Distribution provides the edge leading brands need to succeed in India.

We help international Sports and Nutrition Brands solve Operational, Distributional and Regulatory challenges to guarantee their success in the Indian Market.

About us

Human Health Distribution is a distributing company based in New Delhi, India. Certified by the Food Safety Standards Authority of India and with its 25 years of experience in importing nutrition and health products in India, it gives sports and nutrition companies the edge they need to have a successful product launch in India.

HHD guarantees success to foreign brands with its exceptional capabilities in Product Registration, Imports, Marketing and Distribution of branded Sports & Nutrition products. HHD's services are designed to help international brands launch their products in the Indian market by complying with all product safety regulations and import laws to have strong hold in the Indian market.

HHD offers a strong built network of 800+ sub distributors, wholesalers & retailers, which enables its international partners to have direct monitored access nationwide in all major cities.


Our mission is to advance the sports and nutrition industry in India by giving international brands the right partnership and solutions they need to enter & have a successful nationwide presence.

Code of Conduct

We conduct our business with integrity, dignity & respect. We comply with all product safety regulations and import laws. We work closely with Food Safety & Regulation authorities to back up your product launch and distribution in India.


Founded by Medicine House, Over 25 years the company that has been responsible for introducing variety of pharmaceutical and nutrition brands in India for the first time. Our team will not only assure you a successful launch but guarantee a successful presence and a strong hold in the Indian Market.


We thank our partners in the trust and belief they have put in our mission and service. We value the efforts they put in their brands and promise them to work ethically with clarity, transparency, integrity, trust and respect.

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